Ryan Torregano coordinating the shot for a recent short film production.

Ryan Torregano coordinating the shot for a recent short film production.

Local Video Revolution

In a media-rich world, where video and images flood our daily lives, it can be hard to stand out as a local business. Furthermore, many don't know where to start, or believe that it must be a complicated and expensive process. 

We aim to simplify, economize, and strategize with small businesses and community organizations to give them a leg-up in the jungle of modern media. 

The idea behind Studio 20 is to make quality media (video, photography, and design) available to those that need it most—businesses on tight budgets and even tighter deadlines. 

Our goal is to always deliver a product that has higher production value than it costs the client. We believe this is a service to our community, to non-profits and businesses of all shapes and sizes, and to the River Region. 

We want to make Montgomery a better, more interesting, more attractive place to live, one media project at a time.

Flying the DJI Inspire drone

Flying the DJI Inspire drone

Studio 20 won 2 silver awards and 3 bronze for a total of 12 Telly's since 2012 .

Studio 20 won 2 silver awards and 3 bronze for a total of 12 Telly's since 2012.

Plan of Attack

In today's economy, where services and products are abundant, cheap, and easy to acquire, customers don't need to be sold, they need to be inspired to support your local brand instead of big box retailers. 

Advertising is a delicate conversation with the public and should be respectfully conducted for best results. We carefully, obsessively craft messages that resonate with the public and bring them through your front doors. 

At Studio 20, we are so obsessed with you and your business, it's almost scary. Okay, it's not scary at all, really. We take a genuine, sincere interest in your strengths, weaknesses, and the landscape of your industry. Most importantly, we listen to you until you're sure we've learned everything there is to know—and then we listen some more.

Advertising is problem-solving. If not, you're wasting your time and money. We help you formulate a plan of attack so that every penny you spend is going toward achieving a goal you need to hit, whatever it may be. Don't be fooled by the idea that “money put it in is money coming out,” the common idea that if you spend more you'll make more. While market visibility is important, it should also be carefully strategized.

Award-Winning Quality

At Studio 20, we aim to break the rule that you “get what you pay for.” While we focus on solving problems and not winning awards, awards are objective indicators of the quality you get when you work with us. Also, they are shiny, and who doesn't like shiny things?

We have created National Award winning commercials for some of the most budget conscious organizations in central Alabama, such as Goodwill, the YMCA, Adams Drugs, Jenkins Tire Company, and True Restaurant to name a few.